My 20 Year 20 Meal Plan

A 20-Year Budget Conscious Plan That Worked for My Family of Ten

My goal and prayer for this book is not to introduce twenty ingenious and remarkable recipes. In fact, I can't imagine twenty more common and simple meals to create. But, simplifying what I could control in the fast paced, often sleep-deprived life I was living as a busy mom of young children, was just what I needed. Coming up with a meal planning system and way to involve my children in all aspects of the system, became one way to do that. As you'll read, my two month experiment became my twenty year meal plan. 

Bonni shares her personal journey with meal planning including:

  • the 4 O'Clock panic
  • her 20 year meal plan
  • meal ideas
  • getting kids involved
  • hospitality
  • tips and tweaks

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