Character Quality Certificates

Character Quality Certificates

Reward your kids with character quality certificates - a simple way of letting them know that they’ve shown a particular character trait this week, and that’s what God desires for them! Each certificate features the character trait, a short description to go along with the trait, and a verse reminding your child that the character they’ve shown is truly what God desires for their lives. It reinforces that they’ll find great joy throughout their life as they show this character over and over again.

What’s Included:

- 50 character quality certificates

- name and photo medallion template

You can print them out as you use them, or print and laminate them to use them over and over again. You also receive a template file for the special photo medallion which you can personalize with your child's photo! Find a visible place in your home, to hang their new certificate each week as a reminder of their growth.

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